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Gaia Nephele Corvin
274. TEN words you would not use to describe yourself.

1. Sweet
2. Innocent
3. Cute
4. Weak
5. Lovable
6. Carefree
7. Easy
8. Beautiful
9. Sympathetic
10. Desired

Muse | Gaia Corvin (OC)
Fandom | Underworld
Gaia Nephele Corvin
16 February 2010 @ 06:24 pm
232. TEN words.

1. Jail
2. Death
3. Blood
4. Love
5. Passion
6. Immortality
7. Fur
8. Pain
9. Meat
10. Innocence

Muse | Gaia Corvin
Fandom | Underworld Original Character
Gaia Nephele Corvin
19 October 2009 @ 09:59 pm
201. TEN things you did this summer.

1. I ran away from home to protect my family. The Grevioux patriarch found out about Nathaniel and I. I couldn't let my little brother and my parents suffer for my choices.

2. I ended up all over, pissing off every Vampire and Lycan clan I came into contact with.

3. He followed me, searched for me, put himself in danger and when he finally caught up with me we fought for days. Me pushing him away and then giving in and then him doing the same. Both of us torn between the loyalties to our families.

4. I ran away from him, to Africa. He followed.

5. I staked him in the stomach, trying to make him leave me be. He could go back if they thought he was just trying to kill me. He tried to slit my throat.

6. I ran. He followed.

7. In Alaska we slept in the snow, letting it cover us. My body made the snow melt, his made it freeze.

8. I killed a man who was trying to kill Nathaniel. I'd never killed before. We had to feed and all that was available were human's and snow dogs. We probably should have accepted death.

9. The Grevioux's got word that they had my brother. They wanted an exchange. My parents told me to stay away and they'd get my brother. I can't. So I left him and ran home. He followed.

10. I am prisoner. They're just trying all the ways they can think of to kill me. So far, not even beheading has worked. The steel blade bent against my neck. Maybe I'm truly immortal after all. Doesn't mean the fire doesn't hurt.

Muse | Gaia Corvin
Fandom | Underworld OC
Gaia Nephele Corvin
149. TEN reasons why not to get back together with your ex

1. Technically he's not ex since we were never really together.
2. Families don't get along, it's maudlin.
3. We could get each other killed.
4. What's love in a world like the one we live in?
5. We're not Romeo and Juliet but someone would surely die anyway.
6. We're different; species.
7. He acts like a child though he's older than I am.
8. He's stubborn and can be cruel - to push me away.
9. Sometimes I hate him more than I love him.
10. He should be with someone who ... ugh, I can't even say it; I'd kill whatever girl touched him if I found out and we both know it.

Muse | Gaia Corvin
Fandom | Underworld {OC)
Gaia Nephele Corvin
TEN ways in which you would change the world if you could.

1. Make peace between the species of the world.

2. Make peace between the vampires and lycans.

3. Nathaniel says that we can't change the world, especially not our world. There is just too much tradition, too much hatred.

4. My parents tried to change the world. They got me and my little brother out of it. We were suppose to be the next step in evolution. I suppose we are but what have we really changed?

5. How can you change the world anyway? One person doesn't really make much of a difference do they?

6. They took steps at the school. Humans, Vampires, Lycan's. Trying this whole new integration thing. It's like, the American South all over again. Only this time it's not about skin color, it's about biological urges and such.

7. Come out. I'm not a lesbian. I mean, show the world what I am. Expose lycan's and vampires to the world. Expose hybrids. Of course this would get me killed. They all already want to kill me.

8. Reproduce.

9. Be a better person.

10. Keep him to myself and never let him go, even if it's not meant to be. That would change my world.

Muse | Gaia Corvin
Fandom | Underworld OC
Gaia Nephele Corvin
19 July 2008 @ 09:23 pm
We're not fucking Romeo and Juliet!
Gaia Nephele Corvin
19 July 2008 @ 05:38 pm
Making mistakes is human? I'm not human.
Gaia Nephele Corvin
28 June 2008 @ 08:04 pm
I'm here. Suck on that. Asshole.
Gaia Nephele Corvin
21 June 2008 @ 03:41 pm
I could get my friends killed.
Gaia Nephele Corvin
19 June 2008 @ 11:26 am
Lycans hate me. Vampires hate me.